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Suci Viani, Dadang Hudaya S, Dzulfikar D.L.H
Background: Sepsis is the leading cause of death in children worldwide, with an estimated incidence of 7.5 million per year. Septic shock results in a heavy burden on children with sepsis throughout the world, with mortality rate of 50% even with appropriate management. Previous studies stated that international guideline of sepsis management in children cannot be applied to every children with sepsis, especially children in developing countries with a limited resource, so that additional specific data are needed regarding pediatric sepsis under special conditions.                                                                                                                   Method: This study was an descriptive observational study with a cross-sectional design using data from the sepsis registry. All patients who have met the inclusion and exclusion criteria will be included as research subjects. Variables in the study included age, sex, level of severity of sepsis, primary disease, laboratory results, PELOD-2 score, and outcome of pediatric patients with sepsis who were treated at Hasan Sadikin Hospital Bandung.                                                                                                                                         Results: The results of the study demonstrated a proportional distribution of pediatric sepsis based on age and sex. The most common primary disease found is pneumonia. Increased C-reactive protein is the most common finding in the laboratory parameter examination. The proportion of patients that categorized as sepsis-positive from PELOD-2 score is relatively small. From the sepsis-positive category it is found that the mortality rate is high, compared to the relative proportional distribution of mortality rate from the not-proven sepsis category.  Conclusion:  The mortality rate of pediatric sepsis that we found in the study is the same as the previous studies, 50% of the whole subject criteria. The mortality rate of the sepsis-positive category is so much higher compared to the not-proven sepsis category.
Keywords: Sepsis, Clinical Profile, Outcome, Children
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