Ref Number = PITIKA-ASPR0136
Ayu Astari Sasmi, Dewi Kurnia Lestari, Irawan Mangunatmadja
Objective : To demonstrate a case of encephalitis dengue in a 3-year-old boy.
Case Report : A 3-year-old boy presented with fever for 1 day with seizure before went to emergency room. Seizure happens once at home for 20 minutes and present loss of conciousness. There was a history of seizure, he got seizure for the first time when he was 6 months old. He was in lethargy state, the Glasgow Coma Scale was 9 (E2M5V2). The diagnosis of dengue was confirmed by the serum antibodies to dengue and EEG examination becomes a diagnosis in this patient. Dengue NS1 antigen test was positive, and leukocytosis (22900/ml). The EEG examination showed moderate hypofunction, and it doesnt look like a beat epileptiform. The MRI brain showed normal imaging brain. The treatment for this patient was KAEN 1B 500cc/16 jam drip, ibuprofen 150 mg with diazepam 1mg peroral, furosemide 2x5mg intravena, cefotaxim 2x1 gr intravena, phenobarbital 2x50 g intravena, piracetam 2x1 gr intravena. The patient clinically was getting better and discharged after 5 days being hospitalized.
Conclusion : Dengue encephalitis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of fever with altered level of consciousness or convulsions, especially in areas where dengue fever is endemic, regardless of the presence or absence of classical features. Management combines the principles used across the spectrum of dengue infection with encephalities. 
Keywords: Encephalitis dengue, dengue fever, seizure, pediatric, endemic, loss consciousness
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