Ref Number = PITIKA-ASPR0145
Yudi Rakhmadi,  Zarkasih Anwar, Aristi Karmila, Yulia Iriani, Herman Bermawi, Julniar M.Tasli, Afifa Ramadanti, Indrayady
Dengue infection in pregnancy is associated with several neonatal complications such as perinatal death, miscarriage, low birth weight, and preterm delivery. Early detection and proper management may prevent severe complications. 

Objective: To describe the course of disease and management of neonatal dengue 

Case: A 2000 grams well appeared female newborn was delivered at 33 weeks of gestations via cesarean section with APGAR scores 8 and 9 at the 1st and 5th minutes of life, respectively.  The mother had a history of fever, arthralgia, frontal headache, and anhydramnios that occurred five days before delivery.  Two days prior to delivery, the mother had leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, hypoalbuminemia, and NS1 antigen positive. She was diagnosed with dengue hemorrhagic fever. 
On the fourth day of the newborn's life, the newborn developed a low-grade fever and looked hypoactive. Clinical sepsis was suspected, antibiotic treatment was started and intravenous fluid was administered. The newborn was tested for NS1 dengue antigen and detected positive, IgG antibody to dengue virus was also positive, but the IgM was negative. The platelets count fell on the first day of her illness. Ultrasound showed minimal right pleural effusion without ascites. Defervescence occurred on the fifth day of illness, and rashes appeared one day after. The newborn completely recovered and was discharged after 14 days of hospitalization.

Conclusion: The time of onset of dengue fever in a neonate is affected by the duration between maternal fever onset and delivery.  HIgh awareness and close monitoring of the newborn until the second week of life will lead to a successful outcome. 
Keywords: neonatal, dengue, newborn, NS-1, pleural effusion, rashes
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