Ref Number = PITIKA-ASPR0303
Ricca Fauziyah, Madeleine Ramdhani Jasin, Darmawan B.Setyanto
OBJECTIVE: Tuberculosis (TB) prophylaxis is given for special group of pediatric patients contacted with infectious TB patient to prevent TB infection and patient with latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) to prevent progression to TB disease. This study evaluates profile of pediatric patients who received tuberculosis prophylaxis drugs in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital.
METHODS:A retrospective descriptive study conducted from January 2015 to May 2019. Data obtained from medical records were age, sex, indication of TB prophylaxis, TB contact, and completion of TB prophylaxis. Data was presented in text and tabulation form.
RESULT:There were 76 patients (48.7% males, 51.3% females) received TB prophylaxis drugs. The most common age group receiving this therapy was <5 years old group (76.3%). The other >5 years old group were patients with HIV (8.9%) and other immunocompromised conditions (immunosupressive agents 5.2%, malignancy 4%, primary immunodeficiency 1.4%). The contact were parents (64.4%), neighborhood (19.7%), and siblings (2.6%). As many as 77.6% patients finished TB prophylaxis, in 6 months after prophylaxis therapy, none of them became TB disease. The rest of patients moved to other hospital (10.5%), dropped out (10.5%), and 1 patient became TB disease after 1 month received prophylaxis. Most of patients received isoniazid for prophylaxis (97.4%) and only 2 patients (2.6%) received ethambutol and levofloxacin because of the contact were multi drugs resistance (MDR) TB.
CONCLUSION: The most common patient was female, less than 5 years old, contacted with TB parents and given isoniazid. Most of the patient finished TB prophylaxis and succeed to prevent TB disease.
Keywords: tuberculosis, prophylaxis, drug, profiles, pediatric
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