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Sheila Hustadi Budiawan,Kezia Christy,Harris Alfan Faculty of medicine Department of Child Health University of Atma Jaya Jakarta Department of Child Health Atma Jaya Hospital Jakarta
Background : Severe malnutrition still poses as a problem in children, even in big cities. The morbidities related to this condition are numerous and with high mortality rate. Clinical profile of severe malnutrition in children could help clinicians to diagnose, treat, and prevent co-morbidities better. Material : This retrospective study was conducted at Department of Child Health, Atma Jaya Hospital. Data was collected from medical records of year 2016-2017. Subjects were pediatric patients who had been admitted to pediatric ward with severe malnutrition and other comorbidities indicating in-patient care. Results : We collected data of 15 children with severe malnutrition. Prevalence of severe malnutrition in admitted pediatric patients was 2.7%. Mean age was 35 45.33 months and mostly belonged to lower socioeconomic status, lived in rural area, and raised in large family. Prevalence of severe malnutrition was higher in families having 3 three more children. Girls were more affected than boys with ratio of 60% vs 40%. Most common presenting symptom were fever (33.3%) and seizure (13.3%). Co-morbidities associated with malnutrition were respiratory tract infection (53.2%), gastrointestinal tract disturbance (20%), and tuberculosis (26.7%). As much as 66.7% patients were anemic at the time of admission. Conclusions : Clinicians need to have higher awareness for children living in low socioeconomic condition, in rural area, and/or are raised in large family, since they are more prone to malnutrition. Early detection and prevention of these risk factors could help decrease the prevalence rate. Special consideration for their malnutrition status is needed in treating these patients, due to the differences in their metabolism.
Keywords: Severe malnutrition Clinical profile Malnourished children
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