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Andra Kurnianto,Benny Sana Putra Department of Pediatrics Mukomuko Regional Hospital
Background : The result of Indonesian Ministry of Health Report in 2013 showed that the prevalence of short stature among adolescent in Indonesia were high, and it might cause low performance in physical activities/sports, reaching things and limits of what they could do because of size. Low performance in physical activity leads to physical fitness decline. Physical fitness is an ability to perform a spesific task that requires muscle strength and essential for maintaining health, environment stress and support daily activities. The aim of this study was to assess physical fitness in normal and short stature adolescents aged 13-15 years old. Material : This cross-sectional, comparative study was carried out at junior high school in Mukomuko, Bengkulu, Indonesia from January to May 2018. Physical fitness were measured by physical fitness test of indonesian adolescent, i.e, 50 meters sprint, pull up, sit up, jump up, 800 meters run for female and 1000 meters run for male, and grouped into fit and non fit. Physical activity level was obtained by using a Physical Activity Questionnaire for Adolescent (PAQ-A). Stature-for-age was assessed by using WHO growth charts (Software WHO AnthroPlus version 1.0.4). Results : There were 200 adolescent consisted of 101 (50.5%) males and 99 (49.5%) females. The average physical fitness score of normal stature (14.3+2.3) was higher than short stature adolescent (12.6+2.4). In normal stature adolescent, percentage of fit was higher than non fit, which were 61.9% and 38.1%, respectively. In short stature adolescent, percentage of fit was lower than non fit, which were 33.3% and 66.7%, respectively. Short stature adolescent were significantly had worse physical fitness than normal stature adolescent (OR 3.25 95%CI 1.617-6.550 P<0.05). Conclusions : Physical fitness in short stature was lower than normal stature adolescent. Stature significantly influenced physical fitness among adolescent.
Keywords: physical fitness short stature adolescent
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