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Yan Laksono,Martira Maddeppungeng,Herry D Nawing,Ema Alasiry Department of Child Health Faculty of Medicine Hasanuddin University South Sulawesi Provincial Health Office Makassar Indonesia Department of Child Health, Faculty of Medicine, Hasanuddin University
Background : Diphtheria outbreak has become a major problem in 20 provinces in Indonesia at 2017. One of the province was South Sulawesi with 14 cases of diphtheria in children. Uncomplete immunization status is one of the risk factor. Coverage of diphtheria immunization in South Sulawesi was low just 70,6% in 2017. This study aimed to investigate diphtheria immunization status in children with diphtheria. Material : This study was based on surveillance data collected at South Sulawesi Provincial Health Office in Makassar since January 2017 until January 2018 and then the immunization status confirmed by medical record at the hospital where the patient was treated. The diagnose of diphtheria based on clinical findings by pediatrician. Microbiology cultures were performed. Results : For 13 months period since January 2017 until January 2018, there were 14 cases reported in South Sulawesi. Eleven (78,57%) patients were below 10 years old, three (21,43) were above 10 years old. Based on immunization status, the percentage of unimmunized patients and complete primary immunized were 14,29% (2 patients) and 85,71% (12 patients). All 12 patients that primary immunized, were not given appropriate booster immunized. One patient with severe diphtheria (tonsil, larynx, pharynx diphtheria and bullneck), other with mild diphtheria (tonsil diphtheria). All microbiology swab cultures showed negative results. The condition of all patients improved. Conclusions : Risk of diphtheria increased in children without booster immunization. Indonesia government should promote not only basic immunization but also booster immunization for all children to prevent this outbreak.
Keywords: Diphtheria Outbreak Immunization status
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