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Nathania Tjuwatja,Ruth Yanti Silaban,Yola Yuniarti,Melissa A Tjahyadi,Irene Hintanputung RS Umum Bethesda Serukam General Practitioner, RS Umum Bethesda Serukam, Bengkayang, Kalimantan Barat Department of Pediatric, RS Umum Bethesda Serukam, Bengkayang, Kalimantan Barat Departement of Radiology, RS Umum Bethesda Serukam, Bengkayang, Kalimantan Barat
Background : Internal jugular phlebectasia is a worldwide rare case with clinical findings of intermittent neck swelling increased in response to valsava manuever. It is a congenital condition and usually can be presented early in childhood, but it is underdiagnosed or diagnosed frequently late due to its rarity. We present a case of right internal jugular phlebectasia followed by ultrasound finding for diagnostic. Case Presentation Summary : A five year nine month old boy with no particular past medical history came to the hospital with a chief complaint of intermittent right neck swelling since two months ago, prominently during screaming or coughing. Physical examination showed a non-pulsatile right neck swelling around 1 cm x 0.5 cm which increase in size during valsava manuever around 2.5 cm x 1.5 cm. An ultrasound examination showed severe dilatation of right internal jugular vein, 2.5 times bigger than normal. We observe this case and if there are complications such as thrombosis or Horner's syndrome then we proceed with surgical repair. Learning Points/Discussion : Internal jugular phlebectasia is a worldwide rare case. It can be diagnosed clinically by demonstrating valsava manuever and looking for the increasing neck swelling to occur. It is best and sufficient to confirm the diagnosis by ultrasound combined with colour doppler ultrasonography.
Keywords: Internal Jugular Vein Phlebectasia Ultrasound
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