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Implementation of Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC)
Shisher Agrawal
BACKGROUND: KMC consists of early, continuous and prolonged skin-to-skin contact between the caregiver and the baby, exclusive breastfeeding or breastmilk, and context-appropriate discharge and follow-up provided to the baby and his or her family. The practice dates to a hospital in Colombia in the late 1970s, where incubators were overcrowded. Doctors instead encouraged mothers to wrap their premature newborn against their chest to keep them warm. It has been described as a cost-effective, high-impact intervention for improving newborn survival. Physiological effects include better thermoregulation, improved cardio-respiratory stability, lower risk of infection and faster growth. Beneficial effects for the mothers include better breastfeeding and psychosocial effects. Methodology : Articles from various authenticated journals were looked for to know about implementation of kangaroo mother care and problems which are being faced. We searched Embase, Web of Science, Pubmed, and World Health Organization Regional Databases and After reviewing articles from various different studies results were compared. Result: In majority of the studies it was found that KMC was practiced without any hindrance in hospital care settings and also home based KMC. Major issues were faced by young mothers who had difficulty in understanding role of KMC. With regard to positioning for KMC, handling techniques that might provoke stress and other negative physiological reactions in the neonate were observed. A feeding job-aid for LBW infants created during the intervention was displayed in half of the hospitals, but it was difficult to establish whether this was being used and how correctly the described regime was being followed. Conclusion : For improved implementation of KMC policy making at state and national level is of utmost importance. Making sure policies are implemented and follow up done. With strategic approach implementation of KMC at hospital level and at home can be made better.
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