Volume 5, Oct - Dec 2022
Probiotics in Pediatrics: Quo Vadis?
Felizardo N. Gatcheco1,2
The explosion of research and knowledge on the role of the microbiome, specifically the gut microbiome, has brought forth a dazzling array of new ideas, concepts, innovations and more queries in the field of therapeutic and preventive medicine. The concept of the microbiome seems to explain the path...
Iron-Deficiency Anemia: Indonesia’s Striving
Rini Sekartini 1, Nur Aisiyah Widjaja 2, Nurul Ratna Mutu Manikam 3, Juandy Jo 4,5, Ray Wagiu Basrowi 6, Charisma Dilantika 6
Dear Professor Muhammad Ashraf Sultan, We are submitting our review, titled “Iron-Deficiency Anemia: Indonesia’s Striving”, for your consideration to publish in the Asia Pacific Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health. The nutritional-deficiency anemia, particularly iron-deficiency anemia...
Probiotic Use in Children with Functional Dyspepsia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Jeanette I.Ch. Manoppo 1, Gregory Joey 1, Audrey M.I. Wahani 1
Functional abdominal pain disorder is a functional gastrointestinal ailment, with symptoms including abdominal discomfort, bloating, regurgitation, and colic pain. A 2015 meta-analysis of 58 studies covering 196,472 children worldwide reported a pooled prevalence of functional abdominal pain disorde...
The Impact of Singapore’s COVID-19 Circuit Breaker Measures on Children with Developmental Delays and Their Families
Anitha Madayi 1, Yeleswarapu Sita Padmini 1, Chui Mae Wong 1
COVID-19 has affected every aspect of life and the impact on different population groups has not been widely explored. Our aim was to evaluate the impact of the Covid-19 restrictions in Singapore ,on children with special needs and their families. This will help us to identify the key areas affect...
Monitoring Skeletal Muscle Growth in Children
Natte Raksadawan 1, Anawat Sermswan 1, Ukkrit Jansri 1
Adequate skeletal muscle mass is essential for the health of both children and adults. Nutritional status of school children is monitored routinely using weight, height, and body mass index (BMI) z-score. We developed a practical paradigm to simultaneously monitor skeletal muscle growth, in addition...
Community co designed Model – Enhancing self-care and socialization of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Northern Province, Sri Lanka
Kumaran. S1, Shanmuganathan. Y1, Sasrubi S1
Alarming prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is challenging the child and its family members about their future life expectations. The aim of this case study is to develop an implementation strategy according to the local context with evidently proved management method to enhance self-care ...
Hodgkins lymphoma masquerading Tuberculous cervical lymphadenitis -Don’t miss it in children
Dr.Kiran.B 1, Dr.Geetha.M 1, Dr.Suman.MG 1, Dr.Madhusmitha Jena 1, Dr.Santosh 1
The article stresses the importance of differentiating and promptly diagnosing Hodgkin’s lymphoma. ...
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