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Background : Nutritional assessment is an essential component of the initial assessment of children. In industrialized countries, around 10 - 50% of children with cancer and blood disorders came with malnutrition. Indonesia has high number of wasting (12%) and stunting(37,2%). The aims of this study were to assess nutritional status in children with cancer and blood disorders. Material : Anthropometric data were collected from pediatric hemato-oncology department in Siloam General Hospital between October 2017 and May 2018. Based on WHO standard, body mass index was calculated for children more than 5 years old, whereas weight, height, weight for height using z-score index was used for patient below 5 years old. Results : A total of 81 patients were enrolled in this study. Fifty five percent were boys. Most children came with thalassemia and ALL. For age group 0-5 years, we found that 18,7% of the patients were underweight, 25% were stunted and 3% were overweight. For age group 5-18 years we found that 4% of the patients were obese, 11% were overweight, 8% were wasted and 6% were severely wasted. Incidence of malnutrition, overweight and obesity in children with ALL were 4%, 20% and 4%. 12% of child with thalassemia came with malnutrition problem, 3% came with severe malnutrition. Conclusions : In conclusion, our study reveal that children with cancer and blood disorders not only faced malnutrition problem but also overweight and obesity. This result may be influenced by the long use treatment of corticosteroid. Further studies must be done to evaluate nutritional status in children based on the therapy that they are given. We suggest the need for a prompt, appropriate nutritional assessment and intervention in the children with cancer and blood disorders.
Keywords: Malnutrition Overweight Cancer Blood disorder
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