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Correlation between interleukin 6 serum and hepcidin serum in obese children
Ni Komang Diah Saputri,I Gusti Lanang Sidiartha,I Made Gede Dwi Lingga Utama IDAI
Background : The number of obese people in children and adolescents is increasing. Obese children are believed to experience chronic inflammation as evidenced by high levels of inflammatory markers, one of which is interleukin 6 (IL-6). In addition to high levels of inflammatory markers obese children are believed to have high levels hepcidin serum. The purpose of this study was to investigate correlation between serum interleukin 6 with serum hepcidin in obese children. Material : The study was an analytical cross-sectional study with the subject of obese childrens aged 6-10 years. Subject was recruited consecutively in several elementary schools in Denpasar from November of 2016 until April of 2017. Obesity was established using the Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements based on the CDC 2000 chart. The correlation between IL-6 serum and hepcidin serum was tested using a pearson test. Results : Fifty-eight subjects analyzed had a mean BMI 27.3 Kg/m2. Mean interleukin 6 serum level is 3.1 gr with standard deviation (SD) 2.9 gr. Mean of hepcidin serum level 20.5 ng/mL standard deviation (SD) 12.5 ng/mL. Pearson’s analysis reveal there is a strong positive correlation between IL-6 serum levels and hepcidin serum levels (r = 0.748; p = 0.0001). Multivariate analysis using partial analysis got the correlation hepcidin with IL-6 serum and BMI (r = 0.737 and p = <0.001; r = 0.385 and p = 0.004, respectively). Bivariate analysis with matrix correlation got a weak correlation between IL-6 serum and BMI (p = 0.289; r = 0.028). Conclusions : This study found that IL-6 serum has a strong positive correlation with hepcidin serum in obese children.
Keywords: interleukin 6 hepcidin obese children
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