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Kartika Clearesta,Bella Kurnia,Carlson ,Janetty Faculty of Medicine Tarumanagara University Faculty of Medicine Krida Wacana Christian University
Background : Stunting rate is still more than one-third of the number of children in Indonesia. Prevention by doing routine measurements of body length for every child is required to decrease the number. This measurement requires a board tool which its availability is limited especially in suburban and remote areas. Ulna length has been mentioned in some literature can be one alternative way. A model is required to correlate both measurements. Material : This cross-sectional study was conducted at local health posts in district Palmerah, West Jakarta, for children aged 6-23 months, who were born termed without congenital abnormalities and/or bone abnormalities. Each child was measured for body length with SECA® length board and a ruler for Ulna length. In order to prevent bias, the measurements were done by 2 observers for each child and done by proper method. Other factors that are considered affecting the equation are age and sex. The analysis was performed with bivariate (Pearson and Spearman) and multivariate (Linear Regression). Results : Total subjects were obtained as many as 166 people with normal distribution, male 81(48.8%) and female 85(51.2%). After bivariate analysis, age, sex and ulna length were found significantly affecting the body length (p <0.001, 0.001, and <0.001 respectively). By Linear Regression analysis, the equation : Body Length = 53,624 + 0,647 Age (in months) + 1,323 Ulna Length (in centimeters) - 1,471 (Female) (R2 = 75,3%). All linear regression assumptions were met. Conclusions : Ulna Length, age, and sex of the child can predict the length of a child 6-23 months, with a relatively good quality regression equation. Further identification of other factors is required to increase the quality of the equation, so that this model can be used for estimating body length of the child in areas of Indonesia that have limited health facility availability.
Keywords: Body Length Ulna Length Stunting
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