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Rahma Anindita,Neti Nurani,Madarina Julia,Janatin Hastuti Child Health Department Faculty of Medicine Public Health and Nursing Universitas Gadjah Mada Sardjito General Hospital Bioanthropology and Paleoanthropology Laboratorium Faculty of Medicine Public Health and Nursing Universitas Gadjah Mada
Background : Assessment of adiposity is a key parameter to define obesity. However, the ability of anthropometric measurements to accurately predict adiposity remains controversial. The aim of this study is to find the best anthropometric indice to predict adiposity measured by bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) in adolescents. Material : We conducted a cross sectional study in adolescents aged 11-15 years old in Bantul, Yogyakarta. Measurements of weight, height and waist circumference (WC) were converted to anthropometric indices of obesity: body mass index (BMI), waist-to-height ratio (WHtR) and waist-to-hip ratio (WHR). Adiposity was defined as percentage of body fat (BF) estimated using BIA. All anthropometric measurements were analysed and compared to the reference BF. Results : The mean (SD) age of the boys (n=59) were 13.27 (0.6) years and the girls (n=55) were 13.10 (0.5) years. Their mean (SD) of BF (%) were 14.13 (8.46) for boys and 22.85 (6.16) for girls. A logistic regression analysis adjusted for age showed that BMI was the strongest predictor of BF in boys (r=0.94 p<0.001) and in girls (r=0.88; p<0.001), followed by WC in boys (r=0.89; p<0.001) and in girls (r=0.79; p<0.001), and WHtR in boys (r=0.60; p<0.001) and in girls (r=0.69; p<0.001). Waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) was not a significant predictor for BF in boys (r=0.30; p=0.06) nor in girls (r=0.10; p=0.74). Conclusions : BMI is the best predictor for adiposity in adolescent.
Keywords: BMI waist circumference body fat adolescent and BIA
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