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Cord Blood Leptin Level and Changes in Fetal Weight Gain in 3rd Trimester
Ika Rara Rosita,Agustini Utari,JC Susanto,Rina Pratiwi,Julian Dewantiningrum,Maria Mexitalia RSUP dr Kariadi Semarang RSUP dr, Kariadi Semarang
Background : Leptin is a protein hormone involved in the regulation of energy intake and expenditure by the body. It also may function as fetal growth regulator. Gestational weight gain is an important modifiable factor known to influence fetal outcomes including birth weight and adiposity. Low leptin level may promote faster weight gain. This study aims to examine the correlations between cord blood leptin level and changes in fetal weight gain in 3rd trimester and birthweight. Material : This is a cohort study conducted in 9 Primary Health Care and 5 hospitals in Semarang in 2017-2018. We recruited 52 newborn (male 32; female 20). Serum leptin were measured from umbilical cord. Estimated Fetal Weight (EFW) at 3rd trimester of gestation were measured by ultrasound and the anthropometric of the newborn babies were measured with Seca baby scale. Then were plotted to WHO Fetal Growth Chart 2017. It was interpreted as faltering of weight gain (Group I, if percentile decreased more than 2 major percentiles), normal weight gain (Group II, growth on the same percentile), and significant weight gain(Group III, increased more than 2 major percentile). Nonparametric correlation (Spearman’s rho), chi-square test, Kruskal-Wallis test, and Mann-Whitney analysis were performed in our analysis. Results : The mean level of leptin in cord blood was 5.85 ng/mL (SD 1.872). There was no difference between leptin level among group I, II and III 5.80 (SD 1.70); 5.48 (SD2.67); and 6.50 (SD1.47) respectively; p= 0.262). There was correlation between cord blood leptin level with birth weight (r=0.39; p=0.004) but no correlation between leptin level with fetal weight gain (r=0.23; p= 0.101). Maternal energy and protein intake was not correlate with weight gain, birth length, and leptin level. Conclusions : Cord blood leptin levels correlated with birthweight, but not correlated with fetal weight gain during 3rd trimester.
Keywords: cord blood leptin fetal weight gain birth weight
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