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Priscilla Harmany,Meta Herdiana Hanindita,Nur Aisiyah Widjaya,Roedi Irawan,Siti Nurul Hidayati,Boerhan Hidayat Departement of child health Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga Dr Soetomo Hospital Surabaya Indonesia
Background : Nutritional support is an inseparable part of holistic management especially for critically ill patients due to surgical or non-surgical therapy. Parenteral Nutrition (PN) is considered in patients who can not fulfill their oral nutritional needs both oral or enteral. The aim of this study is to present parenteral nutrition using at pediatric ward Dr. Soetomo Hospital Surabaya. Material : A retrospective study was done at pediatric ward dr. Soetomo hospital Surabaya with parenteral nutrition therapy from January to June 2018. The data were obtained from medical record. Statistical analysis using mann whitney test with p<0.05 being considered significant. Results : A total of 136 children participated in this study with median age 35 (IQR 1) months, consist of 60.3% male and 39.7% female. Median length of using parenteral nutrition was < 14 (73%) days. The PN was commonly used in non surgical cases 109 (80.1%), non GI tract cases 103 (75.7%), nutritional status of wasted 55 (40.4%), history of enteral route 110 (93.2%), digestive surgery 23 (92%) which congenital malformation had 12 (70.6%) cases, and underlying disease of hematology 37 (27.2%) which leukemia had 22 (57.9%) cases. There were significant difference of PN between hematology diseases vs other underlying disease (p=0.001), GI tract problem vs non GI tract problem (p=0.002), and PN vs surgical therapy (p<0.001). Conclusions : Parenteral nutrition is commonly used in patients with non surgical cases especially hematology disease (leukemia), GI tract problem (congenital malformation) , nutritional status of wasted, and surgical therapy especially digestive surgery.
Keywords: parenteral nutritionc children GI tract problem nutritional status
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