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Lidwina Elisabeth,Adista Yugadhyaksa Gupta Negara RSUD Agats
Background : Mortality of children under five year is 45% either directly or indirectly related to malnutrition especially undernutrition. According to the National Report on Basic Health Research 2013, severe acute malnutrition is still serious public health problem in Indonesia. On January 2018, the government set severe acute malnutrition and measles outbreak status in Asmat regency. The purpose of this research is to describe the characteristic of children under five with severe acute malnutrition admitted to Agats District Hospital from January 2018 to March 2018. Material : This is a descriptive study with a cross sectional approach. We interview the parents and obtain laboratory result of severe acute malnutrition children that were admitted. Parents were asked with closed ended question and the laboratory result were classified as anemia, severe anemia, and leukocytosis. Results : Of the 49 children under five with severe acute malnutrition, 42,9% are male and 57,1% are female. 44,9% are aged 0-23 month and 55,1% are aged 24-60 month. 34,7% of the children never get any vaccination, and 65,3% have had some vaccination but not completed the series recommended. 83,6% mother of the children only graduate or did not graduate elementary school. 96% of the children did not have updated vitamin A status. All of the children had comorbid disease, 73,5 had diarrhea, 55,1% had helminthiasis, 61,2% had pneumonia, 28,6% were suspected tuberculosis, 34,7% had malaria, and 8,16% had measles. Only 47 children that have laboratory result. 87,2% had either anemia or leukocytosis, and 34% had both leukocytosis and anemia. Conclusions : Educational status of the mother, vaccination status, vitamin A status, comorbid disease, anemia, and leukocytosis are suspected related with severe acute malnutrition. Improved research from various fields are needed to know the risk factors and prevent severe acute malnutrition in children aged under 5 year in Asmat regency.
Keywords: severe acute malnutrition children under five characteristic
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