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Roedi Irawan,Subijanto Soedarmo,Zahra Safithry Irawan Pediatrics Department Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga
Background : Malnutrition continues to become a major health burden in developing countries, forming a vicious circle that globally increases the risk of death and illness. Malnutrition correlates to physiological disturbance such as intestinal mucosal damage, causing changes to intestinal villi which impacts the disturbances in enzyme function such as sucrase, maltase, and lactase. L-glutamine is an essential dietary supplement which function to help maintain mucosal integrity and barrier function under physiologic and pathophysiologic conditions. Material : An experimental research with randomized control samples, measureable, and reliable, using rat models was conducted to prove the influence of glutamine on the repair enzymes making up the intestinal mucose of malnourished rat models. Total of twenty male rats divided into 4 groups: control (N1G0), malnutrition (M1G0), control with glutamine oral treatment (N1G1) and malnutrition with glutamine oral treatment (M1G1). Sections of intestine was taken and prepared for enzymes activity examination after two weeks of glutamine supplement treatment. The design of this study is the post test group design, with manova and pearson correlation test. Results : Two group of rat samples are fed with low calorie diet to meet malnourished criteria. M1G0 show lower enzymes activities than N1G0 control group. A comparison is made between M1G0 groups with M1G1 groups after oral glutamine treatment with the doses of 500mg/kg Body Weight/day for 15 days. Sucrase activity compared between M1G0 groups with M1G1 groups there were no significant differences in duodenum, but significant increase in jejunum (p = 0.04) and ileum (p = 0.04). Maltase activity in both same groups have significant difference in the ileum (p = 0.03). Lactase activity has significant increase in duodenum (p = 0.03), jejunum (p = 0.04) and ileum (p = 0.04). Conclusions : The state of malnutrition in rat model decreases activity of sucrase, maltase and lactase in duodenum, jejunum and ileum, but increases after treatment with oral glutamine by different results according to intestinal location.
Keywords: Malnutrition Glutamine Enzyme activity Intestine mucose
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