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Validation and Development of a Modified Chinese Competency Scale in Demonstrating and Assessing MDI plus Whistle Mask Spacer Technique
WingKi Lee Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Caritas Medical Centre Hospital Authority
Background : Many children suffered from acute bronchiolitis or asthma with the problems of accepting a spacer. In the past, nurses learned a whistle sound from spacer which indicated poor inhalation technique. This could also cause a lot of anxiety to patients and parents. In United Kingdom, an app was developed integrated with the concept of play to children. The whistle sound emitted by the mask when the young user is breathing correctly with the spacer is capable of driving the Rafi robot through a series of challenges as it fights off the colorful cartoon-style baddies. It hopes that the children’s anxiety will be reduced with this new device. Nurses could make use of the whistle mask and the app in patient education in order to enhance correct inhalation technique. The potential benefit of the game with the mask was reducing acute need through better adherence and compliance. However, nurses were lack of skill and knowledge in both demonstration and assessment of inhalation technique. Meanwhile, there is a lack of scale for use in clinical setting in measuring nurses knowledge, attitude and practice on education of using Meter-dose Inhaler (MDI) in paediatric patients. As such, a Chinese version of competence scale of nurses was developed in order to improve their demonstration and assessment inhalation technique. Material : This is a quantitative study quasi-experimental design without control group using pre- and post-tests measures. The English version of the tool was developed initially and then translated to Chinese version. Back translation was carried out afterward. Content validity was done by five experts in paediatric. Test and retest for reliability was implemented after the content validity in two weeks. Results : The samples comprised of 38 paediatric nurses with a mean year of experience 9.71. The Content Validity Index was reported 0.939, the Cronbach’s alpha was overall 0.926. The test-retest reported ICC 0.755 for overall scale. Conclusions : The psychometric properties of the scale have been empirically tested in this study and showed adequate internal consistency, reliability and validity. Overall, the scale can be used in the Chinese society.
Keywords: Competency scale Meter-dose inhaler Whistle mask spacer
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