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Hamid Pramusyahid,Annang Giri Moelyo Department of Child Health Faculty of Medicine Sebelas Maret University
Background : Endocrine complications due to haemosiderosis are present in a significant number of patients with beta thalassemia major. Female patients with beta thalassemia major usually suffer from hypogonadotropic hypogonadism assosiated with amenorrhea and delayed puberty, attributed to the iron effect on pituitary gland as well as on the female reproductive system. Material : This descriptive study was conducted in patients with beta thalassemia major. Twenty three female patients with beta thalassemia major age 10-18 years old treated at dr. Moewardi Hospital from January to Maret 2018 were included in the study. Each subject underwent examinations to determine menarche age, menstrual cycle interval, menstrual duration, amenorrhea, pubertal status, ferritin level and nutritional status. Results : Our finding revealed the menarche median age, menstrual cycle interval, menstrual duration were 13.5 y.o, 24.6 days, 6.3 days respectively. The ferritin level of bellow 3000 µg/dl was found in 10 patients (43,4%) while 13 patients (56,5%) had ferritin level of over 3000 µg/dl. Primary amenorrhea was observed in 1 patient. Under nourished and well nourished were found in 15 (65%) and 8 patients (34,7%) respectively. However all the patients had normal pubertal status. Conclusions : The menstrual pattern of beta thalassemia major pediatric female patients is normal. However 1 patient in our study had primary amenorrhea due to under nourished with ferritin level of over 3000 µg/dl.
Keywords: Menstrual pattern Menarche Beta thalassemia mayor pubertal status
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