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Background : Nutrition is an important component of children’s health. Children’s physical, cognitive, and emotional growth and development largely depend on the amount and type of foods consumed and the time at which different food items are introduced. Based on the Basic Health Research (RISKESDAS) 2010, the prevalence of malnutrition is higher in under 3 years old toddler and the highest is found in infants aged under 6 months (9,2%). Breast-feeding is an important determinant of a child’s nutritional status that eventually influences his/her growth and development. Exclusive breastfeeding is the most effective global public health intervention for child survival. Case Presentation Summary : Objectives. Knowing the health level of infants aged 0-6 months in Integrated Serviced Post Lely 12. Methods. This research is a descriptive research. The data were obtained from the medical records of infants aged 0-6 months at integrated service post. The data were plotted in the graph of Weight/Height according to WHO 2006 standard. Samples taken were infants aged 0-6 months in integrated service post Lely 12 who came to integrated service post activity on April 2018 that was 41 infants aged 0-6 months with total sampling technique, consist of 18 boys and 23 girls. Learning Points/Discussion : Nutritional status of infants aged 0-6 months of Weigt/Height in integrated service post Lely 12 as a whole are no infant with very less nutrition and 0% less nutrition one. Nutritional status of breast-fed infants are 58,5% normal infants and 7,3% obese ones. Nutritional status of non-exclusively breast-fed infants (breastmilk and formula) are 24,4% normal infants and 9,8% obese ones.
Keywords: Infant Nutritional Status Weight/Height Integrated Serviced Post Lely 12
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