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Background : Breastfeeding is a natural process between mother and baby. Nowadays, there are many breastfeeding challenges that lead to infant feeding failure caused by many things. Poor infant weight gained in the first 4 weeks of birth is often lead to failure of exclusive breastfeeding. Case Presentation Summary : Mrs. E, a 29-year-old brought her 1-month-old baby to a lactation counselor. This mother is referred from a pediatrician for suspicion of breastfeeding problems that cause the baby's weight is not optimal. Infants born with a weight of 2500 gram and at the age of 1 month the baby's weight only increased 200 grams. Maternal breastmilk production was normal and baby was not dehydrated. Duration of breastfeeding around 15-30 minutes for one breast. There was no latch on problem within the baby. The mother is encouraged to pump prior breastfeeding directly. After applying that methods, the baby weight increased 400 gram in first week since last visit to lactation counselor. After a month after applying the method, the baby's gained 1400 gram from the last weight from first visit to counselor. Learning Points/Discussion : The problem of infant weight gain in the first 4 weeks is often the cause of the addition of formula to babies who receiving breast milk. There are some causes of this problem. Foremilk hindmilk imbalance can be one such cause. Foremilk hindmilk imbalance is common in the first 12 weeks of birth. Foremilk refers to the milk at the beginning of feeding that contain lot of carbohydrate, protein and vitamin. Hindmilk refers to milk at the end of feeding that contain more calorie and has much higher fat percentage. Low intake of hindmilk can be caused of baby slow weight gained in infant. Pump prior to breastfeeding can solve this problem. This methode can make the baby get hindmilk faster. In this case this method proved to be effective and can be applied to other mothers who may be experiencing the same.
Keywords: breastfeeding foremilk hindmilk imbalance slow weight gained baby
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