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The influence of Family-centered Nursing handover mode on the quality of nursing care of children with leukemia
Background : To explore the influence of family-centered nursing handover mode on the quality of nursing care for children with leukemia. Material : A total of 60 children patients met the inclusion criteria of leukemia were randomly divided into control group (n=30) and observation group (n=30)according to the admission order. The routine nursing handover was given to 30 cases in control group .Family-centered nursing handover was given to 30 cases in observation group. Nurses used a standardized bedside shift tool for bedside handover in observation group .The shift tool contents general status of children,the reason of admission?allergic history, catheter,vital signs,complications?chemotherapy scheme?results of laboratory examination?special needs?social work services and so on. On admission?the charge nurse introduced the bedside handover tool to parents who participated in patient’s observation and shift. Communication boards were set up in ward for patients,families and nurses . Results : The incidence of phlebitis in experimental group was decreased by 25.3%,the pain score of oral mucosa ulcer and perianal dematitis was reduced ,the awareness of patient’s condition by in-charge nurses was increased by 24.3%,parents’ satisfaction for the charge nurses was increased by 9.7%. Nursing defects related to shift were decreased . Conclusions : Family centered nursing handover mode improves the quality of nursing care for children with leukemia, increase the rate of awareness of the in-charge nurses,improve the Parents’ satisfaction and reduce the incidence of nursing defects related to shift .
Keywords: Family-centered Nursing handover mode quality of nursing care children with leukemia
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