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How to manage children in need of food avoidance for food allergy in nursery
Mitsunobu Kaneko,Tomoko Miyoshi,Yoshihiro Miyashita,Yuji Okano,Keiko Onogi,Akira Shimizu,Natsuki Nakajima,Nobuhiro Sumida The Health Administration Committee of Nursery in Kawasaki city The Department of Nursery Health Administration in Kawasaki Branch of Japan Medical Association
Background : Food allergy in children potentially can lead a fatal condition such as anaphylaxis. Especially at nursery, the management of children with food allergy is vital as there always is certain possibility of accidental digestion of culprit foods. In Kawasaki city, Japan, all nurseries which are authorized with Kawasaki city office have been managing children with food allergy in need of food avoidance who are registered with the certification of their family doctors since 1995. Material : We studied children who had been registered as food allergy in need of food avoidance at nurseries in Kawasaki city since 2007 to 2016. Results : The number of nursery children in Kawasaki city, Japan was considerably increasing, namely 12729 to 23969 since 2007 to 2016. The prevalence of food allergy in children was also increasing from 2.8 % to 5.0 % as a whole. From the analysis of each ages (0-5 years old), the highest rate of food allergy was observed in ages of 0-1 years old. Between 2007 and 2016, while there was no significant increase of food allergy of children in 0 years old, age of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years old showed the increase of the percentage of food allergy. Although relatively high percentage of food allergy was observed among younger children, older children showed higher increase of food allergy. Larger increased percentage of food allergy children was recognized in 2-5 year-old children group than 0-1 year-old children group. Conclusions : The prevalence of food allergy children in nursery was increasing in Kawasaki city. In particular, there was more substantial increase of food allergy in 2-5 year-old children than 0-1year-old children, while the percentage of food allergy in 0-1 year-old children showed unremarkable change. The management for food allergy in nursery comes to be more important due to the huge prevalence of it.
Keywords: Food allergy Epidemiology Nursery
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