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Introduce bundle of care in assist exclusive breastfeeding
Yim Fan Chan HKCPN
Background : This project was implemented in a level three neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) where there are 10 beds for delivery. There are 35 nurses, including 1 nurse consultant, 7 advanced practice nurses and 50 registered nurses. The Bundles of care was introduced to all nurses in the unit and NICU breastfeeding mothers were invited on voluntary basis Material : The project was carried out in 4 phases: 1. An Pamphlet of “ To give your premature baby a good new start” was designed 2. Pre and post questionnaire regarding mother’s knowledge of breastfeeding was designed 3. Implementation of bundle of care 4. Evaluate the data after implementation of bundle of care Results : Ideally, all women who intend to exclusively breastfeed would be supported to achieve their goals. The implementation of care plan was smooth; four care plan packages were given to twenty NICU mothers, nineteen mothers achieved the goal of expressing 500-1000ml EBM per day at Day7 and one mother achieve at Day10 after delivery. Conclusions : Human breast milk is the ideal food for all healthy or sick infants in terms of a natural nutrition, better nutrient composition and immunization against infections especially in premature infants who are not medically stable for oral feeding and breastfeeding.
Keywords: Breastfeeding Neonatal Intensive Care Exclusive Breastfeeding Bundle Care
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