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Bullying and Cyberbullying in Adolescents Threat for Adolescents
Rodman Tarigan Deptof Child Health Hasan Sadikn General HospitalMedical Faculty UniversitasPadjadjaran Bandung
The rapid growth of electronic and computer-based communication and information sharing during the past decade has dramatically changed social interactions, especially among adolescents. Electronic technologies have become an important part of our society. It is generally acknowledged that communication technology via the internet brings positive benefits such as easy access to information, internationalization and organizational growth. On-line communication can also serve as a significant predictor of people’s social capital, civic and political participatory behaviors. However, in addition to its positive contribution, cyber-space communication also brings some undesirable consequences such as cyberstalking, cybercrime and cyberbullying. In 2017, Indonesia, has known that amount of internet usage has reached 143,26 million. According with survey by association of internet provider servive Indonesia in June 2016 with multistagged random sampling by involving 2000 samples method that taken from each province were found 4,24 percent internet users were age more than 54 years old, 16,68 percent for ages 13-18 years old and 29,55 percent for 35-54 years old, 49,52 percent in 19-34 years old. Adolescents have grown up in a digitally connected world, enjoying many of the opportunities associated with electronic technology use. Despite such opportunities, adolescents are also at risk for experiencing negative consequences related to their electronic technology use. Nowadays cyberbullying is becoming a big issue around the world. Cyberbullying has emerged as a new form of bullying and harassment, and it has been shown to possess differents from traditional schoolyard bullying. Traditional bullying has long been considered a school-based problem. However, a new form of aggression or bullying has emerged–cyberbullying. In cyberbullying, aggression occurs through electronic communication technologies, such as mobile phones or the internet Cyberbullying is define as willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones and other electronic devices. These elements include the following willful, repeated, harm, computers, cellphones and other electronic devices. In a research cyberbullying has more relevant to everyday experiences.In Indonesia, the prevalence cyberbullying among children is considerably high.
Keywords: bullying, cyberbullying, adolescents
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