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Rae Fernandez,Hesti Lestari Sam Ratulangi University Sam Ratulangi University
Background : Gadget is a technological development that can cause addiction to its users. When using gadgets, children become less interactive and communicative. This causes children to have delayed development in speech and language. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between the intensity of gadget usage and speech delayed in children. Material : This was an analytic cross sectional study. Samples were children aged 15 to 36 months in four early child care facilities in Manado areas, from February to April 2018. The inclusion criteria were children with normal birth weight and term deliveries. Exclusion criteria include children with congenital defects and a history of the disease that may affect speech and language development. Sampling method was purposive sampling. The intensity of gadget usage recommended is less than 2 hours per day, and a frequency of less than 2 days per week. Speech delayed was defined using CAPUTE Scale, with DQ CLAMS < 85. Data analysis method employed was chi square test (p value < 0.05). Results : From 53 children, 33 were girls (62%). The mean age was 2 year 5 months (SD 0.6). There were 3 (5.8%) children have speech delayed, 10 (19.6%) children use gadget more than 2 hours per day and 36 (70.5%) children use gadget more than 2 days per week. There was a significant relationship between the intensity of gadget usage more than 2 hours and speech delayed (p = 0.034), while there was no relationship between frequency of gadget usage more than 2 days per week and speech delayed (p = 0.144). Conclusions : There is a significant relationship between intensity of gadget usage more than 2 hours per day with speech delayed.
Keywords: gadget speech delayed children
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