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Invited Speakers
Barriers and Opportunities to improve care in a resource limited setting: Addressing complex paediatric endocrine problems when faced with limited resources.
Margaret Zacharin Royal Childrens Hospital, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute Melbourne Australia
Non-communicable disease now comprises 60% of all health problems in the developing world but the majority of resources remain dedicated to management of infectious diseases. Achievement of optimal growth, completion of puberty and preservation of fertility potential must be primary aims for all paediatricians. Realisation of these ideals is limited currently by inequitable distribution of good care, problems of availability of medicines access, costs of tests and treatments, educational issues, transition planning and follow-up. Better identification is needed of chronic illness, together with expertise to choose appropriate investigations and to provide family education, aiming to improve knowledge and to establish mechanisms for follow-up. Barriers to good care and opportunities for improvement, in terms of education, training, medicines access and investigations will be discussed, with specific examples of how better to identify chronic illness, growth disorders, recognition of serious endocrine disorders, balancing cost versus value of tests and medications and provision of education resources for staff and families. Choosing the cheapest, safest and most appropriate medications, avoiding inappropriate prescriptions and over-prescribing will be highlighted, in terms of understanding problems of growth and puberty. Educational activities that have resulted in better care in the areas of osteogenesis imperfecta, type 1 diabetes mellitus and congenital adrenal hyperplasia will underline areas where success can be achieved, with a road map for future success. The talk will provide a basis for more in-depth discussion of various areas of management by subsequent speakers.
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