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Efficacy breast milk for reducing pain during medical manipulations in newborns.
Konstantin Pushkarev,Galina Kausova,Raushan Issayeva Kazakhstans Medical University KSPH Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education
Background : Breast milk has an analgesic effect on the baby's body. Baby calms down breast milk, and not just mechanical sucking. In this case, expressed milk analgesics as effectively as milk directly from the mother's breast. The aim of the study was to identify the effect of breastfeeding on newborns’ behavior during medical manipulations. The study involved 1123 newborns: Group I - exclusive breastfeeding 55.6%(624) in total. Group II -partial breastfeeding 30.5%(342). Group III -formula feeding 13.9% (157). Children were examined by pediatricians and general clinical examinations were carried out.
Material : The degree of pain was assessed on the scales of DAN(Douleur Aiguë du Nouveaune) and CRIES(Crying, Requires increased oxygen, Increased vital signs, Expression, Sleeplessness).
Results : In Group I,during a medical manipulations, the total score on the DAN scale was 0-2 points, and on the CRIES scale 0-1. Children in Group II were fed by expressed breast milk from bottle, andshowed scores on the DAN scale 5-7, on the CRIES scale 4-5. Children in Group III were mostagitated, even after the use ofa local anesthetic medications, showed DAN scale 7-10 and CRIES scale 6-8. The fluctuations in the ratio of saturation of SpO2 and the partial pressure of oxygen in the blood of PaO2 in Group I were 98-96%(602), in the Group II of SpO2 91-90%, PaO2 75-60 mm Hg in 62.9%(215) children, and Group III showed the worst results of SpO2 90-85%, PaO2 78-59 mm Hg in 79%(124). In the neurosonography and doppler examination of the brain, in the Group I 100%(624) had normal tone of the cerebral vessels, in the Group II,hypertonicity was fond in 53.8%(184), for Group III the expressed hypertonicity was fond in 88.5%(139).
Conclusions : Thus, it was concluded that infants are calming after latching-on, during the act of sucking. Breastfeeding should take place before and after medical procedures.
Keywords: Breastfeeding Analgesic effects Medical manipulations
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