Abstract Ref Number = APCP788
Poster Presentation
Fei Wan Ngai
Background : Family sense of coherence has been identified as an important resource that contributes to family resilience and influences positive family functioning and well-being. This study explored parents’ perception of family sense of coherence and strategies that could help strengthen family sense of coherence during parental transition. Case Presentation Summary : A grounded theory was developed to explore parents’ perception of family sense of coherence. A purposive sample of 20 Chinese parents was interviewed in-depth at their home when the infant was 2-3 months old. Data were analyzed using constant comparison procedures. Learning Points/Discussion : An overarching basic social psychological process of “challenges, communication and compromise” was identified. The new parenthood involved major changes in roles and responsibilities. Both parents attempted to readjust their family lives through the process of open communication and compromise. Parents came to gain a sense of family coherence through changes in their world views concerning their family life, and an appreciation of the positive contributions made by the infant to family members as a whole. The findings can provide direction for developing culturally sensitive and competent interventions to strengthen family sense of coherence and improve parental and child health in the Chinese communities
Keywords: Family sense of coherence Infants Interview
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