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arifatun nisa,Muhammad Riza,Septin Widiretnani Department of Child Health Sebelas Maret University Medical School Department of Child Health, Sebelas Maret University Medical SchoolDrMoewardi General Hospital, Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia
Background : : Beta thalassemia major is the most common inherited blood disorder worldwide leading to chronic anemia. The common problems in children with chronic anemia are insomnia, sleeping disorder, altered cognitive functions, and impaired quality of life. Studies reported about sleep disorder in pediatric thalassemia were limited. Thus,we investigated sleep disorder in pediatric patients with beta thalassemia major. Material : We conducted cross-sectional study in children with beta thalassemia major aged between 6 and 16 y.o who undergoing blood transfusion regularly in Dr. Moewardi hospital, Surakarta. The subjects were recruited consecutively from 12nd April 2018 to 12 nd May 2018 at thalassemia ward. The sleep disorder was evaluated using sleep disturbance scale for children (SDSC) questionnaires. The SDSC was filled out by parents based on what they recalled about their children’s sleep patterns in the prior 6 months. The data were analyzed statistically using Chi-square test to determine the correlation of hemoglobin and ferritin serum level with sleep disorder. Results : Total 52 subjects comprised of 25 boys and 27 girls. The mean (SD) level of hemoglobin was 8.93 (0.76) g/dl and blood ferritin was 3574.77 (2057.06) mg/l. SDSC revealed 41 (78.8%) subjects who had sleep disorders, of these 20 (48%) had disturbance to initiate and maintain sleep and 16 (39%) had sleep-wake transition disorders. Statistical analysis using Chi-square test showed blood ferritin and hemoglobin level had no significant correlation with sleep disorder (p-value 0.57 and 0.60 respectively). Conclusions : The prevalence of sleep disorder in beta thalassemia major is quite high. Thus we have to increase awareness and develop strategies to overcome sleep disorder problems in children with chronic illness, especially beta thalassemia major population.
Keywords: Sleep disorder beta thalassemia major children
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