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Renata Yolanda,Hesti Lestari Sam Ratulangi University
Background : Children are using gadget anytime and anywhere, especially with the invention of smart phones and the replacement of desktop computers with digital tablets. Parents play an important role in supporting preschoolers’ developing maturity and decisions about gadget use, and in protecting them from potential risk due to gadget use. This study aim is to explore parental knowledge of using gadget on their preschool children. Material : This was an observational cross sectional study. Samples were parents of child age 15 to 36 months in five early childcare around Manado areas, from February to April 2018. Parents were invited to participate voluntarily in data collection. Data were collected by administering a questionnaire consist of 9 multiple choise questions. The questionnaire focused on gathering information about parents knowledge about gadget using in their children. Parents knowledge were defined as good if more than 6 questions were correctly answered, moderate if 3-6 questions were correctly answered and poor if less than 3 questions were correctly answered Results : From 108 respondents, the most age range was 20 to 30 years old (50.9%) and had attained senior high school qualifications (61.1%). Most parents were a housewife (77.8%). Fifty six respondents (51.9%) had moderate knowledge. Eighty three parents (72%) started giving gadgets to children before 2 years old. Seventy four parents (68%) using gadget to keep their children quiet. Sixty one parents (56%) give time for children to play gadget more than 1 hour. Conclusions : Most parents knowledge about using gadget in preschool children were unproper, especially about starting age, impact, and optimal time of using gadget .
Keywords: pre-school children gadget parents knowledge
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