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Impact of Epilepsy on Children’s Academic Grade at Prof Dr R D Kandou Manado Hospital
Ledy Novanty Tandiawan,Nurhayati Masloman Sam ratulangi University
Background : Most children living with epilepsy are typical learners who would, normal conditions, perform well academically. This is not always the case with children exhibiting complex and more severe forms of epilepsy in which the epilepsy is associated with known or suspected brain abnormalities. For some children, frequent seizures and medical investigations may result in several days of missed school, consequently compromising learning. The study aimed to examine the relationship between epilepsy and school academic grade Material : Children with diagnose epilepsy attending at pediatric neurology clinic of Prof.Dr.R.D. Kandou Manado hospital during january 2018- april 2018, aged 7-14 year and study at elementary and junior high school. The parameters are duration of treatment (<12month, 12-24month, 24month), and the academic grade (with good,average,minus) Results : sample (n=87) children with epilepsy, 59 children included inclusion criteria. There are 13 (22.0%) children with duration of treatment <12 months, with good grades are 9/69.2% children, average grade are 2(15.44%) children, and minus grade are 2(15.4%)children. 21(35.6%) children with 12-24 months of treatment, with a good grade are 1(47.6%) child, average grade are 18(85.7%) children, and minus grade are 2(9.5%) children. And 25(42,4%) children with long treatment >24 months, with good grade are 0(0%) child, average grade are 1(4%) child, minus grade are 24(96%) child. Gamma correlation analysis significant with result rG = 0,908 with p <0.0001 Conclusions : There was a significant relationship between the duration of epilepsy treatment and the grade of report cards. The longer the treatment, the value of child report cards decreased
Keywords: epilepsy academic grade minus grade long treatment
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