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Shinta Ayudhia,Eka Agustia Rini Faculty of Medicine Andalas University Endocrinology Division, Department of Child Health, Faculty of Medicine Andalas University DR M Djamil Hospital, Padang
Background : Endocrine disorders are a frequent complication in patients with major thalassemia affecting their quality of life. This complication occurs due to accumulation of iron in the body and involves organs such as endocrine gland so that patients can experience hypothyroidism, delayed puberty, short stature, insulin disorders, retarded bone age and osteoporosis. The aim of this study is to determine the incidence of endocrinopathy in patients of major thalassemia in RSUP M. Djamil Padang Material : A prospective observational study of major thalassemia patients at DR M Djamil Hospital in January - April 2018. Data of serum ferritin, height, blood glucose, thyroid function, puberty status and bone age were performed. Data were analyzed by univariate and bivariate using Chi square test to find correlation between ferritin content with short stature, puberty status, bone age and osteoporosis, it is correlate if p value <0,05. Data were analyzed using SPSS program. Results : There were 39 major thalassemia patients, 3 were refused, the mean age was 9.7 ± 3.9 years, 14 males (38.9%), 22 females (61.1%), duration of thalassemia 5, 6 ± 4.0 years. Short stature was observed in 28 patients (77.8%), no patients suffering from hyperglycemia. Two people (5.6%) had hypothyroidism, 4 of 6 were puberty (66, 67%) have delayed puberty. Retarded bone age was found in 16 people (44.4%) and 3 people (8.3%) had osteoporosis. There was no association between the levels of ferritin with short stature, puberty status, bone age and osteoporosis (p = 0.434, p = 0.601, p = 0.839, p = 1,000) Conclusions : The most endocrine disorders in this study was short stature of 28 patients (77.8%). There was no association between the levels of ferritin with short stature, puberty status, bone age and osteoporosis.
Keywords: Endocrinopathy Major Thalassemia Ferritin
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