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Melisha Lisman Gaya,Rinang Mariko Bagian Ilmu Kesehatan Anak FK Unand
Background : Incidence of dengue infection in West Sumatera increased from 25/100.000 in 2010 to >55/100.000 in 2012. Incidence of dengue hemorrhagic fever at Dr.M.Djamil Hospital in 2007 was 259 cases with shock incidence as much as 46%. This study aim to describe clinical profile of patients with dengue infection at pediatric ward of Dr.M.Djamil Hospital. Material : A descriptive study was retrospectively conducted based on medical record data of dengue inpatient at pediatric ward of Dr.M.Djamil Hospital from September 2016-December 2017. Diagnosis of dengue infection based on WHO clinical criteria 2011. Results : A total of 65 children diagnosed with dengue hemorrhagic fever during the study period, 29 (44,6%) were boys and 36 (55,3%) were girls, 18 (27,7%) were diagnosed with dengue hemorrhagic fever (without shock) and 47 (72,3%) with dengue shock syndrome. Distribution of sex in DHF group were equal (9 boys and 9 girls), but in DSS group girls were more affected (41,5% vs 30,7%). The most incidence occurred at 5-10 years old group with 30 patients (46,1%). Clinical manifestations were variable with the most found were vomit (66,1%), abdominal pain (61,5%), petechie (52,3%), anorexia (43%). Primary infection dengue were found in 6 patients (9,2%) and secondary infection dengue were found in 38 patients (58,4%). Serial peripheral blood examination shown decreasing platelet and increasing hematocrit on the 4th day of fever with lowest platelet 4.000/mm3 and highest hematocrit 50%. SGOT and SGPT values were increasing 74,4% and 55,3% respectively in DSS and DHF. Conclusions : Incidence of dengue shock syndrome are more frequent in girls than boys. Most found clinical manifestations were vomit, abdominal pain, ptechie, and anorexia. Hospitalized patients mostly present with secondary infection. Hemoconcentration and thrombocytopenia occur mostly on the 4th day of fever. Liver function disturbance is more frequent in DSS.
Keywords: dengue pediatric DHF DSS
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