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Putu siska Suryaningsih,I Wayan Gustawan,Md Gd Dwi Lingga U,BNP Arhana IDAI
Background : Rubella is one of the teratogenic virus infections. Rubella infections that occur before conception and during early pregnancy can cause abortion, fetal death or Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS) in infants born. Material : This research was conducted with descriptive cross sectional design, to know the characteristic of congenital rubella syndrome in Sanglah Hospital from October 2015 to March 2018. Results : Between October 2015 and February 2018 there were 138 suspect Congenital Rubella Syndrome samples. Male and female subjects almost equivalent (53.6% and 46.4%), most subjects 72,5% with gestational age ? 37 weeks, birth weight ? 2500 was 73,9%, mother’s age 25-35 years old was 50,7%, as many as 63% showed no symptoms during pregnancy, no mother at all gets the rubella vaccine during pregnancy, most 97,8% had no traveling history during pregnancy and only 0,7% diagnosed rubella during pregnancy. In major criteria we found 58,7% congenital heart disease, 13% with cataracts congenital, 1,4% with glaucoma congenital and 2,9 % with hearing impairment. In minor criteria we found 22,5% microcephaly, 10,9% with icteric 24 hours post partum, 2,2% with purpura, 1,4% with meningoencephalitis, 15,9% with developmental delay and 36,2% with other abnormalities. Incidence rate of suspected Congenital Rubella Syndrome was 48,5% , probable Congenital Rubella Syndrome was 21,7%, and not Congenital Rubella Syndrome was 26,8%. From the data obtained confirmed Congenital Rubella Syndrome was 2,9%, data obtained from clinical Congenital Rubella Syndrome and positive lab results serologi rubella. Conclusions : Of this study were the sex ratio of suspect Congenital Rubella Syndrome samples almost equal, mostly aterm baby, during pregnancy there are no symptoms. Most of major criteria showed congenital heart disease, and most of minor criteria showed other abnormalities. Diagnosis of suspected Congenital Rubella Syndrome is the most common diagnosis.
Keywords: Congenital rubella syndrome incidence characteristic
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