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Hartono Gunardi,Ireska Afifa,Patricia Goentoro,Aman Pulungan Indonesian Pediatric Society
Background : National program immunization has been regularly reported by government or private health facilities. Limited data are available on non-program immunization reporting in Indonesia, such as rotavirus, PCV, and influenza vaccines, while those immunization has been reported by other ASEAN countries. In 2017, Indonesian Pediatric Society has launched an immunization recording and reporting system for its members, termed IDAI Pediatric Online Immunization Reporting System (I-POINTS). I-POINTS was introduced to immunization champion pediatricians in 5 provinces. This study aimed to explore the usage of the I-POINTS by immunization champion pediatricians since its launching. Material : This study was a cross-sectional study to describe data collected from I-POINTS. Data were obtained online during January 2017 to April 2018, from five provinces in Indonesia: DKI Jakarta, Banten, West Java, Central Java, and DI Yogyakarta. All recorded data were extracted and analyzed accordingly. Results : During the study, 19,409 children and 26,034 immunization doses were recorded in the system. PCV, rotavirus, and varicella were three most frequently administered non-program vaccines, with frequencies of 2,193 doses, 1,212 doses, and 504 doses (7.53%, 4.39%, and 2.54% of children respectively). Other non-program vaccines recorded were hepatitis A, typhoid, influenza, HPV, Japanese encephalitis, and Dengue. Source of report by provinces were 73.49% from DKI Jakarta, 10.36% from West Java, 9.14% from Central Java, 6.73% from Banten, and 0.29% from DI Yogyakarta. Two of three top pediatricians with the most report were based in DKI Jakarta and the third was based in West Java. Conclusions : Recording and reporting of non-program immunization is important to estimate national immunization coverage. I-POINTS is one of the methods to assist pediatricians in reporting their immunization services, especially non-program immunization.
Keywords: non-program immunization report coverage
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