Ref Number = PITIKA-ASPR0386
Acute Diarrhea Investigation in Kaimana General Hospital 2016 - 2018
Yudis Jayaprabhowo, Sri Riyanti, Hindun Wildani Wahab
OBJECTIVE: Diarrhea is still one of endemic diseases in Indonesia. A disease outbreak is the occurrence of disease in excess of normal expectancy. Occasionally the cause of an outbreak is unknown, even after thorough investigation. We aim to present acute diarrhea cases that were hospitalized, also determine the months when the occurrence of diarrhea were considered an outbreak. 

METHODS: This is retrospective analytical study, conducted over a period of three years (January 2016-September 2018). All children diagnosed with acute diarrhea, including mild-moderate and severe dehydration were included. Data was obtained using patient medical records. The results were analysed and obtained using percentage method. 

RESULTS: A total of 383 cases were found in the present study. 381 cases (99%) were acute diarrhea with mild-moderate dehydration, and 2 cases (1%) with severe dehydration that unfortunately lead to mortality. Boys were infected more than girls, 61% and 39% respectively. There were 177 cases in 2016, mostly in October-December, with 127 cases (71%), while 2017 had the least amount with 69 cases, the highest amount in January-March 2017, with 30 cases (43%). The incidence increased in 2018 with 137 cases, mostly found in July-September. We compared the incidence of diarrhea in 2017-2018 during the months of July-September, and found that children < 1 year are 1.39 times greater to get diarrhea during that period in 2018, than children ? 1 year, but the results are not significant (OR 1.39; 95% Cl 0.4400 to 4.3977; P=0.5741). 

CONCLUSION: Disease outbreak due to acute diarrhea can still occur in most cities in Indonesia, including Kaimana. We need to investigate why incidences increase in certain months. More data such as lifestyle and sanitation habits should be obtained for further studies; to figure out the source of the outbreak as well as future efforts to prevent acute diarrhea. 
Keywords: diarrhea, outbreak, dehydration
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