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Purnamasari Natsir Putri, Ratna Dewi Artati
Background: Neonatal Graves’ Disease is a rare condition that is generally transient, found in infants affected by transplacental passage of maternal thyroid-stimulating antibodies. The incidence is estimated around 2% of the offspring mothers with Graves’ Disease or 1:4.000-50.000 number of birth, and frequently found in boy. This disease could be misdiagnosed because the clinical signs and symptoms are not-specific and can also be seen in sepsis and congenital viral infection.
Objective: To report a case of Neonatal Graves’ disease in a one month old boy.  
Case Presentation: A boy, 1-month and 7-days old was consulted to Endocrinology division with proptosis in both of eyes since was born. He was irritable and often sweating. Three weeks prior to admission, he suffered jaundice. He had cough and diarrhea. His mother suffered from Graves’ Disease which was diagnosed in 6 months of pregnancy and took anti-thyroid drugs daily.He was preterm baby with low birth weight. On physical examination, he had tachycardia (162 x/min). Body weight 2,9 kg (below 3th percentiles for age), body length 54 cm (between 25th and 50th percentiles). He had exophthalmos and jaundice. Laboratory: the decreased of TSHs and the increased of FT4, TRAb, a total and direct bilirubin, and transaminase enzymes. Radiological showed an advanced of bone age. Treated with anti-thyroid drugs.
Conclusion: A case of Neonatal Graves’ Disease was reported. The diagnosis was based on history taking, physical examination and laboratory findings. Early diagnosis and treatment are key objectives for an optimal prognosis and the well-being of the child.
Keywords: Neonatal Graves’ Disease, Anti-thyroid drugs
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