Volume 6, Jan - Mar 2023
Non-Communicable Diseases in Children
Prof. Jamal Raza
Non-Communicable diseases are now the leading cause of deaths across the world. According to recent statistics, 41 million people are dying each year which accounts for 74% of all deaths. There are 4 major causes contributors to these deaths, CVS (17.9 million), Respiratory (9.3 million), Cancer (4....
Maternal BMI, gestational weight gain and postnatal weight gain: the way forward to prevent childhood obesity
Kiridana M. G. D. V. K. 1, Ratnayake R.M.C.J. 2, Kalupahana N.S. 3, Tennakoon S.U.B. 4, Vidanapathirana G.U. 1, Wickramasinghe V.P. 5
Maternal obesity, excessive gestational weight gain (GWG) and rapid weight gain (RWG) in infancy are found to be modifiable risk factors of obesity and non-communicable diseases in children. While the increasing trends of body mass index (BMI) have plateaued in most of the high-income countries, the...
Hygiene-related Conditions That Impact Academic Performance: An Analytical Cross-sectional Study
Jeriz Anne de Guzman1, Jessa Mae Anyayahan1, Katrina Balcarse, Rencie Bandong1, Theresa Calomadre1, Kaiser Sushmita Decapia1, Mykie Espino1, Abigael Gonzales1, Aiah Hilario1, Jeremiah Lim1, Angelica Orquin1, Lendl Deo Osias1, Nabil Mohamed Suliman1, Christopher Valentin1
Pediculosis capitis, impacted cerumen, and dental caries are conditions common in children, and may potentially affect academic performance; hence, this study aims to determine their correlation, particularly, during critical stages of learning, in early school years. 65 grades 1-3 students of ages ...
Mean Corpuscular Volume and Red Cell Distribution Width Changes in Uncorrected Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease with Repeated Phlebotomy
Hanzelina 1, Eka Gunawijaya 1, Ni Putu Veny Kartika Yantie 1, Ketut Ariawati 1
Cyanotic congenital heart disease (CCHD), which according to its prevalence is accounted around 0.608 per 1000 live births. One of the most common problem among CCHD patients is secondary erythrocytosis leading to polycythemia and hypervsicosity that can be overcomed temporarily by phlebotomies. Al...
Sleep Disturbance in ADHD Children: Prevalence, Clinical Profile and Influencing Factors
Listianingrum, Sp.A1, Susi Rutmalem Bangun2, Tri Cahyani Utami3, Ery Surya Sevriana 4, Rayi Citra Ayu Pangestuti5, Yumna Nur Millati Hanifa5
Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a prevalent neurodevelopmental disorder that is frequently accompanied by several comorbidities, making it complicated and challenging to manage. Sleep disturbance is one of the ADHD comorbidities with complex, multi-directional, and multifactorial ...
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