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Ade Nur P, Ratna Dewi Artati
Backgound: Congenital hypothyroidism (CH) is defined as thyroid hormone deficiency present at birth. The clinical manifestations are often subtle or not present at birth. Common symptoms include decreased activity and increased sleep, feeding difficulty, constipation, and prolonged jaundice. The diagnosis should be confirmed by finding an elevated serum TSH and low T4 or free T4 level.
Objective : to report CH : follow up case in a 7-months boy
The Case :A 7-months boy came to the pediatric outpatient clinic Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital, Makassar with chief complain swollen in his face since 1 month of age, the other complains were difficufty of feeding and irregular defecation noticed since birth, with history of neonatal jaundice. On physical examination the vital sign was normal. There were myxedematous., dysmorphic face, macroglosia, and umbilical hernia. On diagnostic test the FT4 < 0,07 ng/dl and TsHs > 60 mlU/ml, bone age expertise there was delay of the ossification, thyroid USG was normal , the echocardiography suggested a Patent Ductus Arteriosus. The treatment were Levothyroxin 10 mcg/kg/day. After 3 months the thyroid hormone and clinical manifestation were improved.
Conclusion : Early diagnosis of CH should be prompt for better outcome. Thyroid hormone and bone age are important diagnostic test for this case. The main therapy is levothyroxin. Prognosis of this case is dubia.
Keywords: Congenital hypotiroidism, FT4, TSHs, Levothyroxin
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