Ref Number = PITIKA-ASPR0109
Raisa, Novie Homenta Rampengan, Tonny Homenta Rampengan, Suryadi Nicolaas Napoleon Tatura
OBJECTIVE: Manifestation of bleeding in Dengue is one of the problems that can occur and can cause death. Bleeding that occurs in cases of dengue can be caused by coagulopathy as a result of impaired liver function. This study was done to find out the coagulopathy in Dengue patients and its bleeding manifestation.                                                                                                           METHODS: A Retrospective cross-sectional study on 83 patients age 0-18 years old who admitted to pediatric wards or PICU from January - March 2019 in Prof. Dr. R.D. Kandou Hospital, Manado-Indonesia with positive Dengue marker were included after considering certain inclusion criteria. APTT was done in this study population and coagulopathy was considered when APTT values was > 39 seconds. Bleeding manifestations was examined in patients during their hospital stay. Bivariate analysis were performed to examine relationship between coagulopathy with bleeding manifestations in Dengue patients.                                                                                                                   RESULTS: Seventy-four point seven percents of the study population showed evidence of coagulopathy (APTT mean 47.63 seconds). The most bleeding manifestation was nosebleed (75%), followed by melena (16.7%) and petechiae (8.3%).  Coagulopathy seen in nosebleed was 44.4%, melena was 100% and petechiae was 100%. Results Based on bivariate analysis there was no relationship between bleeding with coagulopathy with Fisher Exact ?-value > 0.05.      CONCLUSION: In this study, coagulopathy disorder commonly manifested as melena, petechiae, and nosebleed respectively. There is no association between coagulopathy and dengue infection.
Keywords: Coagulopathy, Dengue, bleeding
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