Ref Number = PITIKA-ASPR0124
Reza Chandra Abdilla, Rustam Siregar, Husnia Auliyatul Umma
OBJECTIVE: The early identification of patients at risk of severe dengue infection is critical to guide management. There is currently no validated laboratory test, which can predict severe grade of dengue  infection. Platelet distribution width (PDW) and plateletcrit (Pct) are simply promising parameter researh which no additional cost when complete blood count (CBC) is performed. The aim of this study is to determine whether PDW and Pct can predict the severity of dengue infection.                                                                                                        METHOD: We prospectively collected data on patients who were admitted to dr Moewardi general hospital with dengue infection between February - April 2019. Dengue infection was diagnosed based on WHO criteria 2009. First blood sample to assess PDW and plateletcrit were used for analysis after admission. Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve was used to identify the measured variables studied.  PDW, plateletcrit, and clinical data were extracted and calculated from medical records.                                                            RESULTS: Fifty patients were studied. Patients with clinical manifestations of severe dengue infection such as dengue shock sydrome have a significantly lower PDW compared to dengue without any signs of severe infection with cut of point < 18.5 which has sensitivity 100% and spesificity 71.1%. Patients with severe dengue infection also have lower Pct compared to dengue without any signs of severe infection with cut off point < 0.025% which has sensitivity 60 % and sensitivity 97.8%.                                                                                CONCLUSIONS: PDW and Plateletcrit could become predictors of severe dengue infection which have a significantly lower PDW with sensitivity 100% and  spesificity 71.1%, while lower plateletcrit had been found with sensitivity 60% and  spesificity 97.8% respectively, compared to dengue without any signs of severe infection.
Keywords: PDW, Plateletcrit, Dengue fever
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