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Aditiawati, Yulia Iriani, Fifi Sofiah, RM Indra
OBJECTIVE : Professional education necessitate integration between study workload and educational processes to uphold the flow and quality of education. Students of Pediatric Specialist Training Program are likely to have heavy workload. 
The objective of the survey is to assess the resident’s perceptions of educational condition in the Department of Child Health of the Mohammad Hoesin Hospital. 
METHODS : An Indonesian translation of the Postgraduate Hospital Educational Environment Measure (PHEEM) was used to assess the educational environment. We  also included our own internally developed survey assessing personal opinions about workload and stress levels.
RESULTS : Total of 40 pediatrics (11 junior, 22 madya, and 7 senior).residents completed  the PHEEM and our internal questionnaires. Overall scores of perception of role of autonomy was 37.89 (SD 5.28), social support was 27.59 (SD 4.82), teaching was 39.46 (SD 4.72).  Five (12.5%) and 6 (15%) subjects still reported racial and gender discriminations respectively. From our internal survey, subjects indicated high incidence of stress related to workload, 57.5% stated having intolerably heavy workload, 65% reported lack of sleep, 75% and 65% felt having inadequate time for appropriately studying and for recreation respectively.  More madya and senior residents reported heavy workload and lack of sleep compared to junior residents. Twenty four (60%) of the subjects felt reluctance to express their opinions.
CONCLUSION : Based on interpretation of PHEEM questionaire, overall perceptions were mostly positive, but with room for improvements. Resident’s perception social support was the weakest among subcategories. Stress related to excessive workload are prevalent based on our internal survey.
Keywords: PHEEM, perceptions, educational environtment, workload, assessment
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