Ref Number = PITIKA-ASPR0161
Mental Status and Well-being of Residents in Specialist Residency Program of Child Health
Bambang Tridjaja, Ghaisani Fadiana, Aryono Hendarto
Objective: To detect any improvement on the mental well-being of pediatric resident
Methods: This study was a cross sectional descriptive study to follow-up the previous survey that had been conducted 5 years ago. Three questionnaires regarding the existence of burnout and depression in workplace and sleeplessness all positively related to patient safety, personal achievement and continuity of completing residency was applied to all resident in our specialist residency. 
Results: The study was conducted in mid-June 2019. Residents were asked to fill questionnaires divided into 4 parts; such as characteristics, Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS), and Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). Ninety-six of 110 residents filled in survey (response rate: 87%), which consisted of 24 males (25%), 72 females (75%). Respondents were 13 junior-level residents (14%), 49 middle-level residents (51%), and 34 senior-level residents (34%). Fifty-nine residents were married (61%), 37 others were not/never married (39%). Based on each MBI subtest’ scoring system, it showed that 14 residents were emotionally exhausted (15%), 37 residents were depersonalized (38.5%), and 54 residents had lowest personal achievement (56.3%). Prevalence of burnout was 13 of 96 residents (13.5%), which most of them (53.8%) were middle-level residents (7 residents). Based on BDI, 37 residents had indication of suffering from depression (38.5%), whose severity ranging from borderline (48.6%), moderate (35.1%), severe (13.5%), and extreme depression (2.7%). Those 37 residents with indication of depression consisted of 22 middle-level (59.5%), 9 senior-level (24.3%), and 6 junior-level residents (16.2%). Fifty-one residents (53.1%) had severe excessive daytime sleepiness based on ESS questionnaire.
Conclusion: Burnout, depression, and excessive sleepiness were prevalent among pediatric residents, particularly in middle-level residents. 
Keywords: Mental status, well-being, resident, burnout, depression, excessive sleepiness
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