Ref Number = PITIKA-ASPR0162
Sri Endah Rahayuningsih, Mia Milanti Dewi, Riyadi, Fina Meyliana, Dzulfikar Djalil Lukmanul Hakim , Susi Susanah
Background : Research publishing is one of the criteria to became a pediatrician. Therefore mentorship and supervision has been always fundamental procedure in evolving any successful educational project. In our institution mentoring began in the fourth semester. The goal of this study was to examine the effectiveness of mentoring programme in pediatric residents
Methods : Data were collected consecutively from pediatric residents who start from September 2011 to March 2015. This study divided into 2 group : group 1 were who participate in mentoring program and group 2 were who did not participate. Mentoring status, time when research proposal was done, time when final thesis was done, and time of completion of the trainee were analyzed.
Results :  There were 48 subjects , 19 (39.5%) were group 1. Group 1 had complete their research proposal in 10th and 11th semester (62%), the fastest were in 9th semester. Group 2 had complete proposal on 9th and 10th semester (58%),the fastest were on 5th semester. Group 1 had complete their final thesis by average on 9th semester (47.3%), while the other group average on 11th semester (38%). Both group complete their proposal on 9th - 10th semester. Only  5 residents (17.2%) had complete their studies on time. 1 resident (5,2%) in group 1 had complete their final thesis before the end of division rotation and  2 residents (7,4%) in group 2. 43(89,5%) subjects had published their research.
Conclusions : A supported mentorship program doesn’t always effective to create an educational environment if the trainees preceptions of mentorship not full understood, the appropriate mentorship culture and implementation should be based on local strategy to be effective
Keywords: Pediatric residents, mentoring program , evaluation, research proposal, final thesis
Disclaimer: The Views and opinions expressed in the articles are of the authors and not of the journal.
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