Ref Number = PITIKA-ASPR0163
Mahrus A Rahman, Dwiyanti Puspitasari
OBJECTIVE : Educational environment is important factors within residency training to produce a qualified doctors. Educational environment consist  of physical environment, emotional and intellectual climate. It can be measured using Postgraduate Hospital Educational Environment Measure (PHEEM). In this study we assessed educational environment during pediatric residency training in Faculty of Medicine Airlangga University
METHOD : This study was a cross sectional study with all pediatric residency trainee of Airlngga University as population and samples. The Postgraduate Hospital Educational Environment Measure (PHEEM) was used to measure the educational climate in pediatric residency trainee using anonymous google form survey. Perceptions role of autonomy were scored from question 1,4,4,8,9,11,14,17,18,29,30,32,34,40, perception of teaching from question 2,3,6,10, 12,15,21,22,23,27,28,31,33,37,39, and social support (question  7,13,16,19,20,24,25,26,35,36, 38). Data then analyzed using descriptive statistics.
RESULT: Survey was filled out by 94.5% (121/128) residents, consist of 35.5% junior, 37.2% madya, 27.3% senior, and 69.4% were women. The overall educational environment  were excellent for 90.9 (110/121) resident with mean overall score was 105. Perceptions role of autonomy and teaching were positive/ excellent in 90.9% residents and perception of social support were positive in 88.4% residents. The problem area needed to be solved were found on perception of boarding facilities and blaming culture in the hospital during the training.
CONCLUSION:  Overall residents perception’s for educational environment during pediatric residency training in  Airlangga University were good and can be improved. The problem area to be solved were perception on boarding facilities and blaming culture.
Keywords: Perceptions, educational environment, pediatric residency
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