Ref Number = PITIKA-ASPR0192
Uuk R.Kusumawardana, Fitrih Rahmawati, Azwin M Putera, Zahrah Hikmah, Anang Endaryanto, Ariyanto Harsono
OBJECTIVE Food allergy can manifest as many clinical patterns on any age. Skin Prick Test (SPT) only expressed sensitization of allergen, specifically IgE mediated food allergen. The gold standard for diagnosis is double-blind controlled placebo food challenge(DBCPFC). This study aimed to evaluate clinical pattern of children with positive result in food allergy.
METHOD This descriptive study involved all newly diagnosed allergic patients during 2018 from allergic-immunology outpatient clinic with food allergy, either alone or combination with other allergy. Food allergy suspected based on clinical history and SPT examination. Recorded data were demographic information, clinical patterns, role of allergic history in family, and response to elimination diet. Analyzed data reported as frequency.
RESULT Total of 165 patients had positive result of food allergen sensitization from SPT result and suspected as food allergy patient, 59.4% were boy, median age 5(1-17)y.o. Among that 72,7% and 17.6% in combination with House Dust Mite (HDM) allergy and HDM-pet allergy respectively. Most food allergy manifest in more than one symptoms like asthma and rhinitis (24.8%), rhinitis complicated with sinusitis (16.5%), also asthma and eczema in 7.1%. Almost all subjects had history of allergy in family. Elimination diet performed to all subject, and relieved in about 6(2-20) weeks in most subjects.
CONCLUSION Patient with food allergy in our institution mostly manifest with asthma and had history of allergic in family. Dominant of positive food allergen sensitization SPT results coincide with HDM and pet allergy. Patient with food allergy give good response to elimination diet.
Keywords: Food allergy, Skin prick test, Asthma
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