Ref Number = PITIKA-ASPR0258
Risa Etika, Agus Harianto, Martono TU, Dina Angelika, Kartika DH, Mahendra TAS,
Mira Irmawati, Irwanto, Ahmad Suryawan, Mira Irmawati
Objective To report cases of quintuplet in Dr Soetomo Academic Hospital that were successful in their growth and development by breastfeeding.
Case The quintuplet were delivered at Dr. Soetomo Academic Hospital by an elective C-Section, with gestational age of 32 weeks. The birth weight were 1250 grams, 1100 grams, 1000 grams, 1350 grams and 1300 grams. They were delivered from a 32 year-old mother, who underwent an Insemination Program because her first child was stillborn and she has suffered from secondary infertility for 5 years.
All of the babies were born with RDS grade I and II, and PDA and immediately 5 teams performed the resuscitation process, followed by STABLE Program.
All of them were infused with dextrose 10 percent, amino acid and lipid, and breastmilk trophic feeding from the beginning. They were cared inside the incubators and followed by Skin-to-Skin Contact by KMC, treated with CPAP and ventilator. Maintaining on blood pressure were done, infections were being anticipated, and as the mother already had education about breastfeeding since pregnancy during the ANC, after the delivery the mother’s breastmilk were quickly and sufficiently available by regular pumping.
After being cared for 96 days in the hospital, the quintuplet condition were stable. They were good at drinking the breastmilk, the weight gradually increasing and breastmilk production was more than sufficient. The quintuplet were sent home and their growth are being monitored. They had immunization, tests for the health of the eyes and ears. They also underwent Hypothyroid Screening Program.
At 6 month-old, the quintuplet were ready to have the Complementary Food. Now They are 3 years old. Their growth are optimum and had achieved the goal of Neonatal Survival Intact for the realization of sustainable DG’s.
Conclusion Optimal growth and development in quintuplet can be obtained through comprehensive and appropriate handling and use of breastfeeding
Keywords: Quintuplet, Preterm, Exclusive breastfeeding, Neonatal Survival Intact.
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