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Nurul Hudayani,Jusli Aras, Husein Albar, Syarifuddin Rauf
Background. Renal vein thrombosis (RVT) is used to describe the presence of thrombus in the main renal vein or its branching. This condition may occur with acute symptoms or missed from observation due to lack of symptoms to complication such as deterioration of kidney function. RVT may heal spontaneously without complication or result in hypertension and kidney failure.
Objective. To report a case of renal vein thrombosis in patients with chronic kidney in a A fourteen-year-and-one-month-aged girl.
Case. A fourteen-year-and-one-month-old girl complaint of headache since 7 days of admission and deteriorated since about 1 day of pre-admission. There was weakness on the left side of the face, there is nausea and vomiting with food contents and not spraying. There was no facial and palpebral edema, no ascites, no dorsum pedis and pretibial edema. Hemoglobin: 8.2 g / dl, MCV: 81 fl, MCH: 27 pg, WBC: 10,000 / mm3, platelets: 91,000 / mm3, albumin 4.1 mg / dl, urea 116 mg / dl, creatinine 6, 26 mg / dl, urinalysis: protein was +3; blood and leukocytes were negative; erythrocyte sediment was 1 / large field of view; and leukocyte sediment was 0 / large field of view. MSCT non-contrast whole abdomen revealed dilated hepatic veins and inferior vena cava, hepatomegaly, gall bladder contractile. Bilateral doppler ultrasound revealed signs of bilateral nephropathy and suspected left renal vein thrombus. Non-contrast CT scan of the head was within normal limits. Patients have received antihypertensive and heparinization therapy.
Conclusion. The prognosis showed dubia ad vitam and malam ad santionam.
Keywords: renal vein thrombus, chronic kidney disease
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